About Us

The dynamics of global developments in the 4.0 industrial revolution and Society 5.0 have influenced the agricultural and energy industries.  Developing and maintaining an advanced agricultural sector requires substantial efforts to adapt performance, civilization evolution, information technology, and environmental conditions towards sustainability. However, the agricultural industry continues to face uncertain conditions, especially in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Not only that, the Covid-19  is also having a significant impact on energy systems around the world, limiting investment and threatening to slow the expansion of clean energy technologies.  Before the crisis, advances in clean energy technology were promising, but not evenly distributed.

Global carbon emissions will decline this year due to the significant disruption to travel, trade, and economic activity caused by the pandemic.  But the global health crisis and widespread financial trauma.  What happens next is critical to an energy future. The recent global pandemic has brought significant socio-economic disruption to all countries, especially in the agricultural industry, food security, and energy.

In response to these situations, we go through scientific platforms and networks to reduce and minimize problems in the agro-industry and food and energy systems during and after the crisis.


  • Environmental Science
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Technology
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Forestry
  • Disaster Management
  • Earth Science
  • Green Energy and Renewable Energy